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What to do in an event of an Undiscovered Death


Steps to Take in an Event of an Undiscovered Death

Discovering an unattended death is a very dramatizing experience. No one should ever go through this experience alone. Bio-One will always show up with empathy and carefulness to help anyone going through this. If you do discover an unattended death call 911 immediately. Never stay inside the home because the body has started to decompose. If you find yourself in this situation, take these steps.


Step 1) Call 911 - Contact your local authorities to make sure that the body is properly taken care for. They can assess the body to ensure that no diseases or illnesses are lingering that could be dangerous to those in the area.


Step 2) Keep Yourself and Others Out of the Area - Keeping everyone out if the location is important while the local authorities are there and even after they leave. No one should be in the home until the area has been disinfected and sanitized. Keep watch and make sure that others aren't lingering in the area or attempt to enter the home.


Step 3) Disinfect and Decontaminate - This is where Bio-One East Irvine can help. Once the body has been removed, any airborne pathogens or sicknesses in any blood that may have left behind could still be contaminated if the team that removed the body didn't clean up the area. Properly cleaning the area can be very difficult for others because you need the proper training, safely equipment, chemicals, and ability to handle bio-hazards. Not only does the blood need to be cleaned up, but there will most likely be an odor left behind from the decomposition of the body. Bio-One East Irvine can help with remediating any lingering odors.


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