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What Really Happens to a Crime Scene After the Police Leave


Proper Crime Scene Cleanup

After the police leave a crime scene, the homeowners or family of the homeowner are now left alone. The police will not clean a crime scene because it is very harmful without the proper training and PPE. Now they should call professionals to clean up the crime scene and make it safe for the occupants to live in the home.


When you think of a crime scene, everyone thinks - blood. When a homicide or suicide happen inside a home, the blood and bodily fluids can have detrimental effects on the home's interior and can affect current and future occupants with certain bloodborne illness if not properly cleaned and disinfected. Biohazard remediation specialists are the best way to remediate the scene and ensure the space is safe for occupants. 


Biohazard remediation specialists are skilled in removing harmful biological contaminants from homes while protecting themselves and others from potentially life threatening infections. Special care and attention to detail needs to be a priority in order to protect everyone involved. Only a professional biohazard cleaning company has the personal protective equipment, chemicals and training necessary to get the job done right.



How Biohazard Remediation Specialists Work


Proper PPE: All specialists wear equipment that protects them form any harm that can come from a biohazard. They wear double layer of gloves, respiratory gear, and biohazard suits designed specially for bioremediation.

Training: Biohazard remediation specialists are trained and certified in bloodborne pathogen and chemical exposure. Bio-One East Irvine are licensed to handle any biohazard waste.

- Cross Contamination Prevention: Technicians create 3 zones. Green zone, yellow zone and red zone. Green zone is the area that is not contaminated and should not have any biohazard. Yellow zone is the area that is the middle ground between contaminated and not contaminated zones. Red zone is where the scene has taken place and where all tools should be that touched or are around biohazards.

- Disinfection: Proprietary cleaning chemicals are needed to properly clean the affected area. Proper disinfection must take place before the occupants are healthy to enter the home.

Proper Disposal: Once the crime scene remediation is done, the bioremediation specialists take all biohazardous materials to an approved biohazard disposal site.




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