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The 5 levels of Hoarding | How Bio-One can Help You

What are the Consequences of Hoarding?


Hoarding can have severe consequences for the individual and their loved ones. Excessive shopping that fuels the hoarding commonly leads to financial strain. Relationships become strained. People with hoarding disorder also risk possible loss of housing due to eviction or condemnation, depending on the severity of the disorder. Hoarding causes unhealthy living environments, potential respiratory issues, and mental health challenges.



Hoarding Level 1

Light amounts of clutter and no noticeable odors

- Accessible doors, windows and stairways

- Safe and sanitary conditions with no odors


Hoarding Level 2

- Visible animal waste or odor from waste

- Some evidence of household pests 

- Congestion in household entrances, exits, hallways, and stairways

- Carbon monoxide detectors non-functional

- Some presence of mildew


Hoarding Level 3

- Clutter makes certain areas of the home unusable, and at least one space in the home, such as a bathroom, is not functional.

- Heating and air-conditioning devices are not usable for more than one season.

- Evidence of improper sanitation, such as overflowing garbage cans, dirt and debris throughout the house, and obvious, irritating odors

- There is a light bug infestation and/or moderate evidence of spiders in the home

Hoarding Level 4

- Noticeable mold and mildew throughout the building

- Structural damage that is at least 6 months old

- Odors and sewage buildup

- Evidence of water damage

- Damaged walls or broken windows

- Animal sanitation is poor

- Excessive clutter in the home that doorways, hallways and stairs are inaccessible


Hoarding Level 5

- Severe structural damage to the residence

- No electricity or running water, fire hazards

- Visible rodents and other non-pet animals

- Clutter filling bathrooms and kitchen, to the point that no rooms are usable

- Noticeable human feces

- Rotting food on surfaces and inside a non-working refrigerator


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