Bio-One Of East Irvine decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

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There are times when you are ready to sell a home or need a home remediated and sanitized to put back on the market. We help remediate homes with mold problems, hoarding cleanups, disinfections from feces and urine, and much more gross filth.



Hoarding is more common than we think!


As much as 19 million Americans have Hoarding Disorder. We don't really know when someone has Hoarding Disorder until they let you into their home, selling their home, or leaving the property to live else where. 


Hoarding and neglect of throwing away food or items that are soiled cause an unbelievable odor.  We can help with hoarding removal and the awful odor. Not only that, but hoarding can pose a huge danger to residents.


How about just a deep clean/sanitation of a residence that looks like it has not been properly cleaned in a long time- our chemicals are stronger and better than anything that can be bought over the counter.  We can make that residence shine bright!

Oh no... Not Mold!


According to the WHO, 15 percent of houses in cold climates show signs of dampness, and about 5 percent have signs of mold problems. In warm climates, however, it is estimated that 20 percent of houses have dampness, and 25 percent have mold


First, you need to know what is causing the mold and fix it right away. Then, controlling excess moisture and removing any mold found in your home will be the most efficient way to make sure it doesn't come back.


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Bio-One Of East Irvine decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

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