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How To Clean A Hoarder's Home


Steps on How to Best Clean a Hoarder's Home

Step 1: Proper Supplies and Clear Out the Trash

It is a very laborious task to clean piles and piles of trash. You will need a lot of manpower to effectively remove the accumulated junk. The size of the property determines how many people you will need, but typically four people recommended. There will be a lot of furniture that will need to be tossed if it has been sitting with the pile of junk for years. Other supplies that are needed are heavy duty trash bags, gloves, disinfecting products, and a dumping location. 

Step 2: Clean and Sanitize Floors

Deep clean the tiles and floorboards from the years of junk and trash. In most cases, carpets will need to be removed. Carpet is very porous and will hold smell, bacteria, and bio-hazards that will not come off not matter how it is cleaned. The padding under the carpet also needs to be removed.

Step 3: Disinfect the Property

A heavy duty disinfectant like Clorox will be okay for hard surfaces and furniture, but it will not be effective for the rest of the property. It is highly recommended to hire professionals to disinfect the whole house. They will use industrial chemicals and machines that will get all the germs that have been growing in the pile of junk in the home. There could also be mold spores in the air, so it is recommended that the professionals use industrial air scrubbers to clean out the air inside the property. 

Step 4: Deodorize

After all the cleaning and disinfection there can still be a lingering smell. Febreze and Glade can help with the smell, but that might take months to get the property to smell normal again. Professionals can use industrial chemicals and machines again to clean the air quality in the property. This will be the best way to make it smell normal again.



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