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Bio-Hazard: Feces and Urine Remediation


Feces and Urine Remediation

Why is feces and urine a bio-hazard?


Both feces and urine are classified as bodily fluids. Other bodily fluids are vomit, blood, human tissues, and even organs. When you consume food or liquids, it gets filtered through the kidneys. While some of this is in the form of excess water, it also contains cellular byproducts and other waste that your body doesn't need, such as ammonia and salt. In addition to this, the urine passes through the urethra on its way out, which hosts many kinds of bacteria. Medications are also filtered by the kidneys so being in contact with another person's urine could introduce unknown meds into your body. Feces is much worse and should be avoided at all costs. This is because feces can host a wide variety of viruses and bacteria, including E. Coli, salmonella, rotavirus, hepatitis C and A, norovirus, shigella, and many more. Feces is also made up of water, dead stomach bacteria, food waste, salt, fat, intestinal mucus, and cell linings. Being in contact with feces can cause you to contract one or more viruses. 


Should you clean up the feces and urine or call a professional?


Cleaning up any bio-hazard can be dangerous. It is not recommended for someone to clean it up themselves. Calling a professional is the best option to choose because they are trained, knowledgeable, and well-equipped. Bio-One East Irvine wears full PPE, uses EPA approved chemicals, and is trained to handle bio-hazards. Bio-hazards also need to be disposed of in the proper fashion. Since bio-hazard material can make people sick, you want to make sure to get every particle. If you miss any particles and the bio-hazard becomes airborne, it can harm anyone living in the area. Utilizing the proper deodorizer to remove lingering odors is very important or else the odor will stay behind. 


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