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5 Tips on How to Help a Friend or Family Member with Compulsive Hoarding Disorder


How to Help Someone with Compulsive Hoarding Disorder

1. Set Reasonable Expectations -


Hoarding doesn't just happen. It's something that builds over a long course of time. The recovery for the person suffering with hoarding disorder will be a long and ongoing process. Be reasonable with your expectations and help your friend set realistic and attainable milestones for themselves in their recovery.



2. Listen and Empathize - 


When someone has a hoarding disorder, it can lead to social isolation and problems with relationships. People may avoid friends and loved ones because of fear of judgement. Be there as someone who will listen empathetically to help your friend avoid that spiral into isolation. There are times where people suffering with compulsive hoarding disorder don't let anyone enter their home for years, so no one can see what the inside of their home looks like. 



3. Educate Yourself on Hoarding - 


Compulsive hoarding disorder is complex and caused by different issues. Educating yourself about hoarding can be a starting point if you want to help someone you care about. It's very easy to view hoarding disorder as something that doesn't make any sense. Allowing yourself to think of it in that way can prevent you from being empathetic, so educating yourself can help you be a great support system.



4. Recognize Positive Change - 


It is very important to celebrate victories, even if they are small. This will help your friend feel more motivated to keep in going. When you help your friend feel more motivated to work on their compulsive hoarding disorder it will encourage more significant changes.



5. Encourage Them to Seek Professional Help - 


 Many people with hoarding disorder recognize that it's an issue, but they're often overwhelmed by the thought of finding help. There is hoarding treatment and support available in different methods. While you can't force someone you care about to receive hoarding professional help, you can research treatment programs and provider. They can also get professional help with getting their house cleaned and decluttered. It can be extremely overwhelming for them to clean up the hoard that has been growing for years. Bio-One East Irvine can help your friend safely clean and sanitize your friend's home. 




Bio-One East Irvine has helped many people for years get their homes decluttered and cleaned. Our techs are trained and experienced. If you, a friend or family member needs help with decluttering, don't hesitate to call us!



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